Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Yuhu!!im Really old now..OLD???wau!! I'm 28 years old this 2010. I'm happy to be mama to my precious Farish Izdihar and wife of my dear hubby Mohd Faizam..Love both of u sooooo much..mmmmuuuaahh...


Happy birthday to me..Happy birthday to me..happy birthday to Mama Lala..Happy birthday to me..

Thanks To Sha, Eyka and all my Sis & Bro @ P.korp

Fuh!!Fuh!! Tiup lilin session

Surprise from my hubby..Thanks dear..Really surprise for me..

Thanks Dear..

Love It

Thanks also to Mummy Ajie and my Sis Ekin..
(to Sis Ekin : sorry tak sempat nak upload coz awal2 dah send it to my tailor..hikhikhik)

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